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A C Power Tech Inc.
1376 Route 906
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

Phone: 724.684.6301

Fax: 724.684.6410






High Voltage Switch Gear

We build and remanufacture single and dual output high voltage electrical switch gear (vacuum switch house) for surface and underground usage. These units come complete with all electrical devices to meet operational and safety requirements.

The innovative design of our Isolated Dual Switch House includes:
High Voltage Switch House bulletSmaller overall footprint
High Voltage Switch House bulletDouble the output capacity (1200 amps)
High Voltage Switch House bulletElectrically isolated to allow maintenance concurrently while energized



Power Center 1

Dual Switch House with Isolated Outputs


Power Center 2

Panel with MFII Relay


Dual Switch House

Dual Switch House with Isolated Outputs