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A C Power Tech Inc.
1376 Route 906
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

Phone: 724.684.6301

Fax: 724.684.6410






Power Centers

We manufacture and rebuild power centers for the mining industry, including (but not limited to) coal mines, stone quarries and salt mines.

We have any combination of new OEM and fully reconditioned parts available. In-house reconditioned parts carry warranties longer than new parts.

We also have PLC and VFD safety capabilities for our manufactured power centers and rebuilt power centers. These capabilities can be integrated in to our customers' monitoring systems or for power center control purposes



Power Center 1

1,500 KVA Power Center Customized
(7200/995/480 Volts)

Power Center 2

2,000 KVA Power Center (12470/995//600 volts)


Power Center 1

1,250 KVA Power Center (7200/995/480 Volts)

Power Center 2

1,500 KVA Power Center (7200/995/480 Volts)