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A C Power Tech Inc.
1376 Route 906
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

Phone: 724.684.6301

Fax: 724.684.6410



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A C Power Tech Inc.

A C Power Tech Inc. is an industrial electrical equipment manufacturer. Our employees have over 50 years combined experience in the mining industry and capability in developing and implementing PLC controlled systems.

Rebuilding electrical mining equipment is our specialty and reliability is our bottom line.

Innovative DesignPrioritized Customer Support

We provide high quality repairs and rebuild electrical mining equipment with innovative designs, while including the same warranty as new products.

We specialize in electrical power centers and high voltage switch gear.

We design electronic circuits, PLC controlled mining apparatus and can custom build any piece of power distribution equipment for underground usage.


Customer FocusedPrioritized Customer Support

What makes A C Power Tech Inc. stand out in the industry is our level of customer support.

If you are in need of troubleshooting, we have someone available to solve it quickly and most often simply via telephone.






Electrical mining equipment that we build includes:
New and Remanufactured Power Centers BulletNew and Remanufactured Power CentersNew and Remanufactured Power Centers Bullet
Belt Starters BulletBelt StartersBelt Starters Bullet
Distribution Boxes BulletDistribution BoxesDistribution Boxes Bullet
Portable Power Supply BulletPortable Power SuppliesPortable Power Supply Bullet
High Voltage Switch Gear BulletHigh Voltage Switch GearHigh Voltage Switch Gear Bullet
Electrical Equipment BulletAnd MoreElectrical Equipment Bullet