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We have developed replacement parts using current technology to replace legacy devices commonly used in mining applications. These new digital devices have increased flexibility and can replace multiple different legacy components directly in the field, saving our customers time and money.


3DVM-1 - 3 Phase Digital Voltmeter


3DCM1 - 3 Phase Digital Current Meter


BCT-2 - Backup Current Sensing Device with Time Delay


BVS - Backup Voltage Sensing Device

Available in voltages from 480 - 995 Volts


SGFT1 - Sensitive Ground Fault

Works with multiple manufacturer CTs


TMPL2 - Digital Temperature Device with Sensor


DCM-1 - Single Phase Digital Current Meter 


SSGF-3T - Solid State Ground Fault with Direct Injection Test


HVGM-2 - High Voltage Ground Monitor